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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

We can see why the Rockies liked BK so much in the first place, as he displays an ability to make our hitters look pretty pathetic. Yesterday's was not the result we were looking for, but at least we have today to try and come back with a series W.

Now that the Rockies have committed to going in-house to fill major vacancies that arise or have arisen in their playoff aspirations, it would be good to take a look at those players that are most likely to fill those needs. I'll give a one paragraph synopsis of what we've got, but it will be for little chunks (one or two players) at a time until I'm permanently settled. I'll probably also try to look at who would slip through waivers that could be picked up at some point this month, but for today I'll start with an easy one:

Kevin Walker: The DP mentioned Kevin Walker in the same sentence as Franklin Morales as possible rotation help. I don't know how blunt we can be in saying that this would not be a good idea. Choosing Walker over Morales would be the same sort of choice of veteran intangibles over actual baseball skill that led the team to choose Steve Finley and John Mabry over Ryan Spilborghs and LaTroy Hawkins over Manuel Corpas this Spring. Walker had a decent June for Colorado Springs, but in the heat of July he's put up some scary numbers. This choice would signal our concession speech.