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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: A Rockie With His Number Retired

. . . but not by the Rockies. The University of Tennessee will retire Helton's No. 2. Will we see that happen for Todd at Coors Field one day in the future? Will he even be the first? Larry Walker deserves consideration for this kind of honor. And hasn't the idea of retiring Bichette's and Galrraga's numbers along with Walker's been floating around for over a year? That's a little too much at one time, but not something totally out there.


And then there was last night's game. Tulo was jobbed once again this season after driving in what should have been the tying or winning run, but by LaTroy Hawkins this time. Fuentes wasn't any better as he he took the loss after allowing the winning run to score in th 11th. So what to do with the bullpen? A number of moves were brought up last night in the game thread. We could promote Juan Morillo and let someone go. I've been in favor of adding Morillo to the bullpen since before the trade deadline, but after waiting this long we won't see him until rosters expand on Sept. 1. Despite last night's outing, is there really that much to lose in promoting him early? Remember, in Renck's "wobbly" playoff scenario the Rockies need to go 6-1 on this homestand. They now need to win six games in a row, something far-fetched if they continue to play this way. So, should the Rockies lose as a result of guys who already have a history of losing for the club or should the team lose with the unknown. With the unknown, there's a better chance of also winning. We've already been getting decent results out of U-Ball and Morales in the rotation, why not in the bullpen?

Anyone else want to see Affeldt DFA'd and have Josh Newman come up?


Troy Renck chose Todd Helton for ESPNSN's "Face of the Franchise." It looks as if Purple Row will be making a statement with the pick, which Rox Girl wanted to do all along. You'll be able to read my angry, somewhat insulting explanation that was written in early June sometime tomorrow morning.