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Game #126: Fogg vs Gorzelanny

Josh Fogg goes up, Josh Fogg goes down. It's nice to  be able to expect that from him after all this time and know that he'll consistently deliver. Or not deliver, depending on which game it is. Of course, it would be nicer still if we knew exactly what we could expect on any given night. For instance, after tumbling against the Dodgers in LA, it would be nice to know that for sure he would come back strong against his former team tonight. But I guess not knowing is part of the mystery that is the Fogg, and I should just appreciate him for keeping it enigmatic like that.

Despite a strong season to date, Tom Gorzelanny has two key things going against him tonight. One, his last start was pretty terrible, and two, his only start against the Rockies was pretty terrible. If both those trends continue we should be able to take the series regardless of which Fogg shows up.

Let's go Rockies!