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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

Well Ian Stewart's grand slam last night won't quite make Wally Pipp out of Garrett Atkins, you can be sure that he won't be giving the rookie more time to upstage him. I'm willing to bet Garrett shows up early to report he's ready to play today.

I'm hoping that every morning from here on out that when I read the opponents' newspaper after a Rockies game that they comment on how their starter needs to be sent packing. Of course, I would have liked to have read this about Matt Morris yesterday.

I get the feeling sometimes that my local 7-11 doesn't have quite the selection I would find elsewhere in the world. For instance, Manny Corpas was  purchased at a Taiwanese convenience store, according Jack Etkin's article profiling our Panamanian closer. It doesn't say what flavor of slurpee scout Tim Ireland got with him, though.