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Friday Morning Rockpile: No More Excuses

Not that the Rockies should ever have been using excuses. Mark Kiszla checks in with his "End of the Rockies' season" column, which is more appropriately timed than his earlier pieces this season. Whether or not the Rockies' season is actually over, Kiszla does make a good point about the team. That the team is young shouldn't be an excuse for the team anymore, that the team is inexperienced isn't entirely true anymore. Inexperienced in playing important late season games, yes, but most players on the team have passed the neophyte stage. After that point, it's more of the same: management hasn't done anything and it's always about next year.

In a quote from the article, Clint Hurdle wants to make things easy: "Some people believe in us, some people don't." It's not as simple as that. There's that gray area of "We want to believe, but you have to show us something first."  In Kiszla's argument, that comes down to Dan O'Dowd (or the owners, to some extent) doing something to help the team through player acquisition. There was no big trade at the deadline, and what was the biggest move the Rockies could have made in August? Signing David Wells? O'Dowd would really be giving the guys something to believe in with that signing.

So, while the Dodgers bring in David Wells, the Rockies still have some interest in a pitching market that includes the names we already know of: Josh Towers, Steve Trachsel (what an upgrade!), Joe Kennedy (blast from the past!). Those names are just filled with the ability to make the current guys believe.

As for the whole "wait till next year," Kiszla's calling out some of you here for already talking about next year. Not that you call them "Kid Rocks," but because you believe in the promise of next season. It's completely wrong to do so since it's become perpetual. You're all very, very bad for doing so.