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Sunday Morning Rockpile: Iannetta's Return

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Chris Iannetta will be recalled in time to be activated for today's game against the Nats. Geronimo Gil's been placed on waivers to allow Iannetta's promotion. That could clear up a 40-man roster spot, as the article indicates, if the team doesn't need a fifth catcher on the 40, and who does?

The article also indicates that the club wants "a backup to emerge to give Yorvit Torrealba at least a little breather." As his playing time wound down in his last stint, Iannetta became the personal catcher for Aaron Cook. Well, he's currently on the DL and it could be some time before Iannetta catches him again, depending on Cook's bullpen session today and then throwing to batters on Tuesday. Either Hurdle will have to use Iannetta as a real backup this time or he'll continue to ride the bench. Hopefully his time with the Sky Sox helped Iannetta find his stroke.


In his MLB Report, Renck's looking towards the off-season for the Rockies. First up is bringing in soon-to-be free agent Bob Wickman for the rest of the season and then trying to sign him as a piece of the bullpen that will be centered around Manny Corpas. Wickman, Dan Serafini, or Todd Williams? The Rockies could do worse than bringing in Wickman for the remainder of the season. But a big part of the Braves letting him go appears to have been that he was upset about being used in a tie game situation, not a closer situation. He'd be a perfect match for Hurdle if the team was looking for a closer, but that's not the case. He's also been horrible on the road this season. File this one under "not likely."

Renck also goes into trading Atkins and Fuentes to open a spot for Stewart and to acquire starting pitching. This isn't new, but it has become clear that Atkins is more than likely to be the first guy (not in the bullpen) shown the door out of Colorado on this team.


Irv Moss offers a preview of who will face major league  competition in September: Joe Koshansky, Jayson Nix, and Seth  Smith. He also thinks Chris Iannetta, Clint Barmes, and Juan Morillo have a chance to receive some playing time. He's right about Iannetta, but I still don't see any reason why it should be a question of bringing up Morillo. He's done everything right this season in his transition to a reliever and he should be rewarded for that.