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Monday Morning Rockpile:

In case you missed it from the comments to yesterday's Rockpile, Behrens pointed out a great read from Dan Fox, analyzing Ubaldo Jimenez's pitches using the tools of MLB's advanced Gameday. U-ball has been the freshest breath of life for this team as we've struggled through the injuries in the last month, and from the analysis you can see what makes his arsenal so effective besides the crazy gas he has on his fastball.

The Rockies open up another important road trip tonight, as they travel to San Francisco for three games before heading to Arizona for three more. Because we passed the Braves with yesterday's win, it means that we have series left against each of the teams that are ahead of us in both the Wild Card chase and a less likely NL West run. Now all that needs to happen is for us to win those series, and we should be in pretty good shape come the last week of September. That said, let's not look past the Giants and let them play spoiler this week.

The more important news from yesterday's win is the apparent return of Chris Iannetta, both in body 0as Russ pointed out yesterday- but most crucially, in bat. For once, Clint Hurdle's right in this. Having another MLB offense worthy catcher -whether it winds up being Iannetta or Edwin Bellorin- will make coming back into the chase for the playoffs that much easier this time of year.

Admittedly, I might need some of the more pessimistic Rox fans that post here to set me straight as I'm still pretty hopeful of our chances this season. I like the parts we have on our team right now. Let's see what happens out West to find out if I'm justified in this.