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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: Jorge Julio Should Wear A New Shirt

Jorge Julio's choice of a shirt proclaiming "27 Outs ... No More" should be thought over after last night's performance. That outing led to some question about the exclusion of Jeremy Affeldt. To which Hurdle replied that Affeldt needed the break for all the work he's done this season. If that alone was the response, there probably would be something else beneath that, but with his other post-game comments it does make a bit more sense. Or Hurdle is a bad bullpen manager. You could go with either, I guess.


The three position players the Rockies are sending to the AFL are Christian Colonel, Corey Wimberly, and Dexter Fowler. Colonel's a mild surprise, but I guess the Rockies do want to see what he can do against the level of competition the AFL provides. The AFL is more of a hitter's league and Ken Harvey was the MVP in 2002.

----- continues with their MLB Mascot Brackets. Dinger's turn is up, and he's facing San Fran's Crazy Crab.


Also, Tom/Rox Fan in TN of The Coors Effect is now with Dan/Franchise26 and Drew/rockiesfan06 at Up in the Rockies.