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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

I'm finding it difficult to start this morning, so let's begin with the rapidly closing sliver of light of this season. Aaron Cook appears to be near ready to return, possibly even without a rehab assignment. That link also mentions that Jason Hirsh's status for coming back this year is very much in doubt. Sadly, there's no word at all when our offense is expected to return.

The task that the Rockies have to accomplish in September to return hope and confidence in the club to the masses gets more Herculean with each loss. Clint Hurdle says "nobody is banging the drum," whatever that means, but perhaps somebody -particularly he himself- should be. The Padres, for instance, seem to have a drum banging, and are doing exactly what contending clubs should be at this time of year in winning against both the haves and the have-nots.

I think this is where the culture of losing that the team has grown to accept over the last decade comes into play. We need to step up another level now, but everybody involved seems unable to see that there's another level they're capable of getting to here.