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Friday Morning Rockpile: The March Northwest to Atlanta On to Atlanta

While the Rockies won't be "dogged by what-ifs" entering this series against Atlanta, the Braves will be exhausted from last night's 11-12 loss in 14 innings. Edgar Renteria left the game in the eight inning with an ankle injury and he's more than likely to miss this series. We'll probably see Yunel Escobar play shortstop with Kelly Johnson at second base, both currently platooning at second. No more Chipper Jones at shortstop, though he was only moved there after Renteria left because Escobar was already used as a pinch hitter earlier in the game.

Newly acquired Mark Teixeira hit his second home run in as many games for the Braves since being traded from Texas.

Oh, and the hit that gave the Astros the eventual game-winning run? It was by Jason Jennings.


While the non-waiver trade deadline was ridiculous in terms of what teams wanted in return, there can still be waiver deals done in August (as the linked article will tell you). Just don't expect the Rockies to make many, or any, deals. When August is the time for the Giants to shed excessive contracts, the market's already bad. And add in Jose Contreras, there isn't a good deal to make for a "name" player.


This is a couple days old, but former Rockies manager Buddy Bell will resign as Royals manager at the end of the season. He was the last Rockies manager to be fired. And that was after seasons of 82-80 (2000), 73-89 (2001), and 6-16 (22 games into the 2002 season).