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Thursday Rockpile:

If all had gone according to plan, the Rockies were supposed to come out of these last ten games against the NL's cellar dwellers smelling like roses and close to the division lead, instead a five and five mark has left them pretty much in exactly the same spot they were before that stretch. Now as the schedule gets more difficult, we have to hope that our team is equally capable of playing up to the level of their competition as they have proven they are capable of playing down to it. Unfortunately, right now, we pragmatists have to figure they will wind up the season pretty close to their current spot, fourth place and just not close enough to make anybody pay really close attention, despite the relative success compared to prior seasons.

In many ways, this won't quite satisfy me. I want a September run. Even if we don't quite make it, I want to make the teams in front of us in the NL to take notice, and I want at least a couple of them to fall in our wake.

The Dodgers have made another waiver wire gamble in picking up Esteban Loaiza, and we can only hope this backfires and the McCourt's have to swallow a considerable chunk of crow as well as salary. This could also have been partly a preemptive move to keep the Pods or the Snakes from claiming him, but it's definitely another interesting play in the end game of NL West 2007.