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Friday Morning Rockpile: They'll Enjoy Hawaii During the Off-Season

Cole Garner will return to the Hawaii to play winter ball at the end of September. Also going will be Shane Lindsay, David Patton, Josh Sullivan, Mike McKenry, and Jeff Kindel. Lindsay's also a repeater, but in name only. While warming up for his first start, he had some tenderness in his shoulder. He would then have surgery on his right labrum in October.

Etkin's Farm Report also has the names of the pitchers heading to the AFL and they form a Tulsa quartet: Ching-Lung Lo, Darren Clarke, Sean Thompson and Jarrett Grube.


Willy Taveras will return today, but we'll also get to see Juan Morillo (and Dan Serafini) tomorrow. Adding more heat to the bullpen will certainly give Hurdle more options, should he choose to utilize them.

Alas, no Seth Smith as he separated his right shoulder Wednesday night.


Seriously, why are the Rockies still talking with the O's about Steve Trachsel? Might as well go with Mark Redman if you're also thinking about Trachsel.

And which side do you believe? ESPN reporting Brian Fuentes clearing waivers or the Rockies organization saying six teams claimed him?


It's probably safe to say that Livan Hernandez will finish with a VORP higher that Rodrigo Lopez's. AZ Snakepit won that bet, so I'll have that picture of me in a D'Backs shirt at the end of the season.