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Monday Morning Rockpile:

Because of our sub-.500 record in 2006, it's easy to forget that at around this time last season we were pretty much in the same slot relative to the division leaders. A road trip that started well with a series win in San Francisco ended badly with a frustrating 1-3 series in Los Angeles. The team never recovered mentally from the setback and went zero for six on its next road trip at New York and Milwaukee, sealing our fate at the bottom of the division. This season, after a losing series in Atlanta and an inexplicable egg laid by the Dodgers in LA against the D-backs, the team has a chance to redeem itself. Frustrated from yesterday's missed opportunities? Then go out and don't miss them today. Want to be a factor in the NL West? Then win your way back into the conversation.

There can't be any quit this year. The team still has over a month and a half left to change how things are going.