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Wednesday Pebble Report:

Colorado Springs: After three relief outings journeyman Tim Harikkala made his first start since signing with the organization a couple of weeks ago, and it went as well as could be expected. Harikkala pitched six innings and allowed just five hits and a walk, and the Sky Sox shut out Albuquerque four to nothing. Jayson Nix and Clint Barmes provided most of the scoring with three solo shots, two by Nix. Joe Koshansky drove in the other run with a double.

Tulsa: No game scheduled.

Modesto: Cole Garner was the only Nut to take advantage of the winds at Lancaster, hitting two homeruns for the only scoring Modesto would have. The Jet-Hawks, on the other hand, had no trouble getting into the groove offensively. A seven run sixth inning was the big blow in a fifteen run onslaught. Xavier Cedeno and three Modesto relievers would probably like to forget about this one.

Asheville: No game scheduled.

Tri-City: The Dust Devils made a valiant effort attempting to come back from a six to nothing deficit, but wound up losing eight to six. Drew Coffey was pulled after pitching to just two batters in the first inning (both got doubles) I haven't figured out why he was pulled yet, but I'm sure that information will come later this morning. Austin Chambliss came on in relief, and  shut down the opposition for three innings with five K's, allowing just a walk and a bunt single. Kevin Clark had two doubles and drove in two, and Josh Banda went four for four to help lead Tri-City's offense.

Casper: Parker Frazier and the next three relievers allowed Orem to get ahead seventeen to nothing by the seventh inning before Edgmer Escalona and Randall Taylor put a clamp on things, Casper's offense then cut the deficit to seventeen to one by the end. woohoo.