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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

Yesterday's win wasn't without it's troubling aspects, Edwin Bellorin, for one, certainly didn't picture his MLB debut getting injured on a GIDP in his first at bat. That said, the win does pull us a little closer within the division and into a tie for third when combined with the Dodgers loss. There are still five games left on the homestand to actually create some separation between us and LA, and get closer to the Snakes and Pods before a tough Southern California road trip.

The above link mentions that the Rockies are looking into the Cardinals' Kip Wells for the bullpen or emergency starts. Wells' was on a pace for twenty losses earlier this season, and he's never been as good in performance as his reputation seems to have him. Still, depth moves are important this time of year, and the price for Wells doesn't figure to be prohibitive.