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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

Our late season surge is getting some attention, SI's Jacob Luft being the latest to predict a Rockies playoff appearance. The sweep of Milwaukee certainly helps that cause, and the Rockies made more gains in the Wild Card race but the Diamondbacks' charge is making it hard to keep pace within the division. With six games left against Arizona, without help the Rockies would have to win five of them to make up the ground on their own. That could be a tall order, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I can say that the Dodgers are looking gassed right now, and reports out of San Diego say the same about the Padres and from experience with Rockies clubs tha went through August slides, that's not a good sign for their teams.

Speaking of teams faltering of late, the Cubs limp into town having lost Alfonso Soriano for this series for sure, and possibly Aramis Ramirez as well in the last week. With Todd Helton potentially missing games due to back spasms, it's nice to see our next opponent facing even bigger injury losses. To make up for it, reports have the Cubs targeting Shannon Stewart.

Of course, we have another major injury rearing its ugly head. I didn't go into what becomes of Jason Hirsh's spot in the rotation should his broken leg keep him out a long time. More pressure seems to be mounting on Ubaldo Jiminez to produce at an MLB worthy level, he needs to bounce back from his rough start in Atlanta tonight for us to feel very confident going forward in this race.

[Update] [2007-8-9 19:52:52 by David OhNo]:The Rockies have made a series of roster moves today. In a nutshell, Barmes up, Gil brought back, Lopez to 60, Hirsh to 15.