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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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Sometimes, I'm happy to admit my errors. One case in point would be the Rockies' pre-season decision to keep Cory Sullivan and let Jeff Salazar get away to Arizona. My thought was that if you've got to make a choice between two similar players, might as well keep the cheaper younger one who you have control over for a longer period, even if you have to pay more on the front end by letting the larger contract go. Last night Sullivan earned a good chunk of his money. Actually, he should have earned a good chunk of Yorvit Torrealba's money, as his two hits were nearly enough to make up for Yorvit's ineptness.

Because of Torrealba and our general lack of getting runs across early, that game nearly became one of this season's most gut wrenchingly disappointing, ranking with our May losses to the Royals or the Pirates series of last week. Instead, it became one of our more satisfying efforts of the year and I can only hope the effects carry over to these next two. We might have some help in that cause by facing a starter with an MLB ERA north of twenty today. The Diamondbacks' choice of experimenting with Dana Eveland in their rotation for the stretch run shows that they are similar straits to us in regards to starters. He has pitched well in Tucson the last couple of weeks, though.