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Game #135: Dessens vs Eveland

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Despite having a number for his ERA (20.25) that would only be acceptable at an optometrist's office,  I think in many ways I would rather have the Rockies face the guy Dana Eveland replaced, Yusmeiro Petit, than him. Eveland's stuff is two steps ahead of the soft tossing Petit, and it's somewhat of a mystery as to why Dana hasn't been more successful at the MLB level yet. He's still very young, but I think the way that his career is progressing suggests his true niche might be following Jeremy Affeldt's path to the bullpen.

Dessens, meanwhile, has been pretty much everything the Rockies could have wanted from a waiver wire pickup, eating a few innings and providing just about average pitching. In fact, look at the ERA+ (ERA relative to the rest of the league as a percentage) of the pitchers we lost in the rotation and those that have stepped in to replace them:

Lost Starters:

Aaron Cook 114
Rodrigo Lopez 106
Jason Hirsh 97

Replacement Starters:

Ubaldo Jimenez 116
Franklin Morales 107
Elmer Dessens 100

That kind of surprised me, and with Cook coming back, our September rotation definitely figures to be better than our April one so long as either Dessens or Morales continue to perform. Let's see what Elmer's got tonight.

Go Rockies!