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Game #143: Jimenez vs. Lohse

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If the Rockies ever wanted to get a feel for what playoff baseball is like, the series starting tonight is probably as close as they've come since they were actually in the playoffs a dozen years ago. Certainly we've had must win series, even this season, but we haven't really had a series like this where both teams are under enormous pressure to take three games or be relegated to the also-rans in the playoff chase.

Clint Hurdle says tonight's a must win to start the series on the right foot, the Phils' veteran presence Jamey Moyer said something similar. I like the talent of our pitcher better than theirs, I like our lineup almost as much, and our bullpen is better, too -especially with Taylor Buchholz back- but they've got the homefield advantage and some bats that could make U-ball's night very difficult if he allows himself to get flustered. It should be a good game, it's definitely an important game, so as a fan you best be showing your stripes by paying attention tonight.

Go Rockies!