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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: That Can't Be a Good Sign

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Did the Phillies smash the Rockies hopes of October baseball with their extra-inning win last night? Certainly not, but lose tonight and things change. The one thing that was smashed last night was a Rockies Helmet. So the Phanatic usually does it to a Mets helmet when the New York club visits town; let's hope that doesn't bode well for the Phillies the rest of the series.

Another loss may not be great for Matt's chances at being the NL MVP in November. A number of traditional media members and players are quoted in this article about Matt's chances. A Philly writer best sums up Matt's chances in the article: "He's the best player that nobody has ever heard of," Philadelphia News writer Marcus Hayes said. "And that will hurt him." Maybe a top-five finish in the voting would help increase his exposure for next season. And you have to figure that next season the Rockies will have a few more games on national TV than they did this season. It's not as if they're going to lose any nationally-televised games--they had zero this year.

Seth Smith is traveling with the team and might be activated if he's recovered adequately from his shoulder injury. You can never have enough players active if recent injuries are any indication.