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Thursday Morning Rockpile:

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Matt Holliday is certainly making the most of his last chance to impress East Coast MVP voters with highlights before they go to bed. While the NL's Player of the Week honor is likely already being mailed to him, he's probably still out of the running for the big postseason hardware without a triple crown and/or a Rockies playoff appearance. That said, this week has likely vaulted him into the top five, with NY favorites Jose Reyes and David Wright, Milwaukee's Prince Fielder and Atlanta's Chipper Jones. The Florida combo of Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Cabrera certainly deserve more attention for the award than they've received, we'll see them starting tomorrow.

Last night's win in the pivot game gives us a chance to land a virtual knockout blow to the Phillies' Wild Card chances tonight, while a loss puts us in a sort of playoff contention ether, a state of mostly dead-edness where we would need a lot of help from other teams stumbling to have our hopes revived. We can't look past JD Durbin. The Phils last night, I think, are a prime example of a team allowing relatively weak pitching get the better of them.