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Saturday Morning Rockpile:

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2007 R.I.P? With all of the injuries that the Rockies have suffered down the stretch, it shouldn't be too surprising to us that their Achilles Heel has seemingly ruptured in the last two days. Call it stage fright. For as good as the team has been this year, they've lacked an ability to take control of their own destiny and perform under the spotlight. It seems as soon as we start to make a little noise that gets the notice of the baseball world -say sweeping the Yanks at Coors and winning a series at Fenway in June, or stringing back to back wins in Philly to look like a real Wild Card threat this week, for example- we then follow it up with a flop. If this team wants to be considered like winners, like champions, it needs to have the day in, day out poise and consistency of a contending team.

I realize that having all of the right parts plays a lot into this. It's a lot easier when you have a lineup like the Yankees, or a rotation like the Angels to put together dominant stretches, but the Rockies have enough pedigree to show better than they have this season in the limelight. Look at what the Dodgers have done the last couple of days when the chips have been down, beating the Padres and D-backs, and really, at this point I can't really say for sure that they have a better team than us. Sigh. We're so close. Alright, it's probably time to start assessing what needs to happen to get us over the hump next year. The team's not quite out of the playoff picture, obviously, but our opportunity for claiming the prize on our own merits and not because our opponents help us by wilting themselves seems to have slipped by.

No links from me today, for the moment. I've got a lot of chores that need taken care of, but feel free to point out anything that you've found of interest.