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Sunday Morning Rockpile: More Off-Season Speculation

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The Rockies chances of making the playoffs get bleaker with each loss. Playing to the level of competition, in this case, did not work out well for the Rockies. The Marlins are the second worst team in the NL, currently on a four-game winning streak. Guess it was wrong to face the Marlins after they took the last two games of a three-game series against the Nats, who've been slightly better this season than Florida. Though, who doesn't expect the Rockies to start a 14-game winning streak this afternoon?

Renck has a few notes about the Rockies' trade prospects in his MLB Report. None are new since Fuentes-to-Boston has been around since July, as well as the Phillies' interest in Fuentes. That Philly has interest in Fuentes and Atkins should be an indication that the Rockies should pursue separate deals for both. Well, at least from Philly. A package deal to Philly wouldn't send Cole Hamels to Denver, unless this guy was running things for Philadelphia. Also, read John Brattain's reaction to that article at The Hardball Times. We all need something entertaining after last night's loss.