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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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Okay, in reference to his playing in the Dominican this winter, am I the only who falls in love with Chris Iannetta every time he says something like this?

"I asked to do it right around the all-star break, knowing I wasn't getting as many at-bats as I wanted," Iannetta said. "I'm looking forward to it. I think I'll get a better understanding of the Latin guys in the clubhouse."

Yeah, probably I am, but how can you not root for somebody like that, who's so eager to relate to some of the guys in the clubhouse he's willing to risk balmy Caribbean breezes and sparkling blue ocean in the middle of winter to do it. Whatever it takes, Chris, I'm with you on that.

Congrats to Brian Fuentes and family, btw, on the birth of his twins, Gabriella and Benicio.


The first note of that link about Franklin Morales and Ubaldo Jimenez brings up an interesting issue for 2008, even though it doesn't really talk about it. Right now, if we were to pencil in our opening day rotation for April given what we've been told by the front office, it would look something like this:

  1. Jeff Francis
  2. Aaron Cook
  3. Unknown acquired starter X or a re-signed Josh Fogg
  4. Jason Hirsh
  5. Ubaldo Jimenez
So there's the issue at number 3, where the team would seemingly rather spend around three million dollars to see what kind of starter they'll dreg up for that price, or trade for a starter who costs about that much to see him lose his spot in May, rather than use Morales for the minimum from the start of the season and roll that saved cash into signing a decent second baseman or catcher. Despite the tone of that statement and despite yesterday's dominant performance, I'm not fully convinced that Morales is ready for full exposure. Second, what the team is really buying with that money is depth, which as we have seen with our rotation this year, you can't ever have enough of.


Terry Frei apparently lives in an alternate reality, that or he just doesn't understand baseball's arbitration system, which is my guess. However, which ex-Rockies have been bad-mouthed by the team? All the club said about JJ was that he wouldn't sign the extension they offered, which was true, and his agent wouldn't give a counter-offer. Steve Finley? John Mabry? What can be said about them that doesn't make the team look bad for signing them in the first place? Really, these aren't insults, so maybe this is an alternate reality that Frei lives  in.