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Tuesday Morning Rockpile: Diagramming Tulo

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Our boy Troy finds himself diagrammed in support of winning the NL RoY award. It seems as if every few days we're still pounding on this dead horse of a topic. Yes, we're convinced Troy's the Rookie of the Year, but are the voters from the BBWA? Will the home run ball play a factor? Sure Braun's outhit him in that category by nine so far, but 21 by a rookie SS in the NL? That's more impressive since it's now the record. Troy's getting my vote in SBN's award voting--though our awards are near the bottom in the "importance" category.

But for now, we have today's double-header to look forward to. Lose twice and the Rockies will need to go on a 11-0 run to end the season in order to still sniff the playoffs. Or any other combination of 11 wins and 2 losses to reach 88 wins. That's also heavily dependent on the Padres only winning five of their last thirteen games to finish one behind the Rockies. The Padres have winning records against the rest of the opponents while the Rockies only have a winning record against the D'Backs. If ever there was a time for a miracle . . .