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Friday Morning Rockpile: So There Are 20 Guys Who'll Receive An NL MVP Vote

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Tim Kurkjian believes there are twenty players who will receive votes in the NL MVP race, and he gave his top 10 last night on Baseball Tonight. His top three were Wright, Rollins, and Fielder. Matty came in fourth (and fourth for Dusty Baker, but really, Dusty Baker?). Let's have a consensus on the twenty guys in no particular order (OK, the first guy on the list is in the right place):

  1. Matt Holliday
  2. David Wright
  3. Jimmy Rollins
  4. Prince Fielder
  5. Jose Reyes
  6. Hanley Ramirez
  7. Miguel Cabrera
  8. Chipper Jones
  9. Chase Utley
  10. Jake Peavy
  11. Brad Penny
  12. Brandon Webb
  13. Albert Pujols
  14. ?
  15. ?
  16. ?
  17. ?
  18. ?
  19. ?
  20. ?

Inevitably, this also brings up the whole debate between "most valuable" and "best player" as the definition for the MVP award. With such a slight chance at making the playoffs, Matt's performance down the stretch should classify him as a true MVP candidate, not just the "best player" in the league, and he's definitely getting some national attention as a result of the last two weeks. He's keeping the purple haze (the Hendrix kind?) surrounding us for as long as possible.

The best player, non-MVP argument, as one of the talking heads on Baseball Tonight made, can be applied to the two guys on Florida. Still, I don't particularly buy it all that much. Just imagine how much worse Florida would be without those two?

Woody Paige predicts Matt will finish third in the voting. And Bernie Lincicome doesn't see Matt taking home the MVP award unless the Rockies make the playoffs. That's the realist approach.


Tracy Ringolsby examines why the future is better for this version of the Rockies than the one in '95. But do other NL teams see the Rockies in the same way? In his latest Rumblings and Grumblings, Jayson Stark quotes an unnamed NL executive on the Phillies:

Whether the Phillies make it to the playoffs or not, one NL executive believes they have crossed a critical threshold this season: "Unlike in the past, they think they can win now," he said. "They absolutely think they can win, and I think there will definitely be a carryover next year with that group. That's a huge building block for those guys." Then again, a bigger building block might be assembling a pitching staff that can win, too.
When do we read about another unnamed NL executive saying the same thing about the Rockies? Not that we should look for another team vindicating our preponderance of hope for next season.