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Game #155: Redman vs Cassell

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Don't worry Max, you almost got the "A"...

I don't know why I just thought of that quote. Anyway, so much for relying on BK to bring the Mets a little closer to the Rockies' level. And Philly's ahead in Washington again as well. Besides the Padres, one of those two teams, or maybe the D-backs have to start losing soon if we're to have a shot, but let's get back to the issue at hand.

So, like I mentioned this morning, in April we won the first game of a series at PETCO by one run only to see the last two games slip out of our grasp when we had late leads. This time, we can't afford to slip so let's make our early lead airtight, okay. I just want to remind everybody that this pitcher we face tonight also pitched this game right here. Sure he's undefeated in the majors thus far and his ERA looks intimidating, but allowing four hits to Clint Barmes? Two to Omar Quintanilla? Did you realize he lost 14 games for the Portland Beavers this season? Jack Cassell is fully capable of some serious flopping. I expect lots of hits, guys, lots of runs.

Go Rockies!