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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

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*- Three at home, four on the road to be completed.
#- Seven games left.

The above sets of numbers span from 2007 back to 2000. The first set represents the home/road winning percentage splits and the second set shows Pre-ASG/Post-ASG splits for the same category. They speak for themselves.

Also, if we look back to '96 and '97 when the Rockies won 83 in each of those seasons, only '97 comes close to resembling the numbers for this season: .580/.444 home/road and .489/.541 1st half/2nd half. In '96: .679/.346 home/road and .488/.539 1st half/2nd half. Of course, the Rockies will win more 83 games before the schedule ends, so this really is a remarkable season.

We have the guy who's still never been on a losing team, we have an MVP, and we've had improvement. Improvement isn't as black and white as "playoffs-no playoffs" to determine the success of this season. But if it is that black and white, then the Rockies are just fooling us all and we shouldn't be enjoying this stretch. 2008, well, that's a different story.