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Purple Playoff Vigil: Night one

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I thought with everybody scoreboard watching tonight, we better have a thread to discuss it.

Thanks to trying to catch up on a list of chores I neglected over the weekend, my Tulsa Drillers review won't be up until tomorrow morning, but I do have a longer Rockies season review piece I've been working on during the Padres series that I will post momentarily.

Anyway, already under way, the Mets are losing to Washington and the Brewers are beating St Louis. Both these results are favorable to the Rockies as we need the Brew-crew to be alive and motivated this weekend against the Padres, and we technically still have a chance to pass the Mets and whether it's them or the Phillies we beat for the Wild Card doesn't matter to me.

Tonight, of course, is the key tilt with the Giants and Padres, Barry Zito against Chris Young in a matchup of good pitchers fallen on hard times. Fight on, Barry! Beat the Padres!