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Purple Playoff Vigil: Night two

Russ will put up the game thread for our own game in a bit, but this will be an open thread for all of the scoreboard watching until then. Several games of note start at seven:

Atlanta at Philadelphia - Our best chances for making up ground with this series are tomorrow and Thursday with Hudson and Smoltz taking on Lohse and Eaton, tonight it's Chuck James vs Jamey Moyer, which is still a very winnable game for the Braves. With the lowly Nationals visiting Philadelphia next, this is probably the biggest series for the Rockies besides their own games against the Dodgers and D-backs this week, with the Milwaukee/San Diego four game set a close second.

Arizona at Pittsburgh - we need to gain one game in the next three on Arizona in order to have a chance to sneak the division title away from them in that final series. We're in LA, they're in Pittsburgh. It doesn't seem fair, but both the Rockies and D-backs have to be careful not to overlook these series or they could be knocked flat even before that last tilt against each other. Of course, with a four game lead on us, it would take a really big knock from the Pirates to lay the Diamondbacks flat, I'm not expecting it to happen.

Washington at New York Mets - The Mets have been losing a lot lately, while it's a longshot, there's still a chance that we could pass them for the WC in the event Philly wins the East. We'll need to be rooting for Jason Bergmann against Tom Glavine.

Florida at Chicago - This one is really indirect, but it's important that Milwaukee has something to play for when they go against San Diego later this week. Root for the Marlins to help them close the gap on the Cubs.

St. Louis at Milwaukee(8:05)- see above, go Brewers.

We'll use the regular game thread to keep updated on the Padres/Giants tilt.