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Winters Suspended; did Helton have a role?

I'm giving this news item it's own post, as it has been one of MLB's big stories over the last few days. We all watched it unravel for Milton Bradley and the Pods on Sunday, and we saw first base umpire Mike Winters saying something to him to set him off. For MLB to go ahead and suspend Winters means to me that there was probably corroborating testimony of Bradley and Padres first base coach Bobby Meacham's story from the one other person there, Todd Helton.

Does Helton get the muck now from other umpires for doing the right thing? How will this affect our playoff race? Regardless of those ramifications, MLB made the right call in showing that nobody in the game, regardless of their position, can act as unprofessionally as Winters seems to have done in this case.