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Purple Playoff Vigil: Night three

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Same games tonight hold relevance as they did last night, Rox fans want to be rooting for the Braves, Giants, Pirates, Nats, Marlins and Brewers. The pitching matchups, except for maybe the Phillies/Braves game, aren't quite as favorable to us tonight, particularly with our two NL West counterparts putting the two guys who will probably finish 1-2 in the Cy Young voting on the hill.

Tracy Ringolsby breaks down the head to head playoff scenarios if we win out in the next five games, and the second link shows how it readjusts in case we lose one or more. There is of course, the possibility of a massive tie to look for as well.

I guess the question should be, how many losses (if any) do you think we can afford at this point? The company line says you have to win every one, but realistically, do you see the Padres getting more than a split against Milwaukee for four games? I see Philly losing at least one of these Braves games, and then it's only a question of whether they sweep the Nationals or not. I say they win two of three, and I believe if we go four and one the rest of the way we should win the Wild Card outright.

Update [2007-9-26 19:13:9 by Rox Girl]:
Livan Hernandez isn't exactly Brandon Webb, he's not going to be number two in the CY vote, and hopefully the Pirates can do something about lowering his VORP a few points for my sake.