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Game #158: Fogg vs Lowe

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Our second to the last road game gives us the chance to enjoy some of the fruits of our labors over the last week, that is to say by finally eliminating the Dodgers for good last night, they are apparently putting up the 2007 Las Vegas 51's roster against us.

Well, the 51's roster and Lowe, who can be tricky sometimes, and the 51's handily beat the Sky Sox for most of the year, so maybe they think they know something. BTW, speaking of the Dodgers kids, there was a rumor today about a Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw and somebody trade possibility with Minnesota for Johan Santana. Think about that. Peavy, Webb, Santana and the Giants' young guns all aiming to take us down a notch next year. That could be frightening. Okay, you can stop thinking about that now. This is a ridiculous time for some rumor like this to come up, so I'm guessing it has few legs. Getting Kemp and Kershaw out of the division might be better for the Rox long term, anyway.

Go Rockies!