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Purple Playoff Vigil: Day/night four

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Los Angeles doesn't like losing night game revenue during the week, so even though this is a travel day for the Rockies, Dodger stadium officials have done them no favors by scheduling us at 7:10 Pacific anyway. The D-backs, on the other hand, were given a chance to rest after a plane trip by the Pirates, who scheduled their game at 12:30 Eastern. Here's the catch, though: a long rain delay could push AZ's flight back a few hours anyway, and officials are going to do everything they can to make sure this game gets played today despite the weather because of the playoff implications. Brandon Webb is pitching, meaning the Rockies avoid him. Despite our success against him, and even though I think this is the right call by AZ to insure a win today, I'm kind of breathing a sigh of relief anyway.

Update [2007-9-27 12:53:0 by Rox Girl]:
I should have waited just a bit longer to post, Micah Owings is pitching for the D-backs on short rest, even having thrown a side session yesterday. We do end up seeing Webb tomorrow.

Later, at 7:05, Atlanta and Philadelphia finish their series with John Smoltz going up against Adam Eaton. I'm hoping that works out as well as it sounds it might.

Also at 7:05, the Padres send Jack Cassell (7-14 at Portland, remember?) against Brewers wunderkind Yovani Gallardo. Again, this game looks promising to me on paper.

Not quite as promising, but with the way the Mets have been playing you never know, is the 7:10 Pedro Martinez vs Joel Pineiro game.

Go Pirates, Braves, Brewers and Cards!

Update [2007-9-27 19:30:25 by Rox Girl]:

Kyle Kendrick is pitching instead of Eaton. The Rockies surge seems to have everybody throwing their playoff rotation order out the window in order to scrounge up some wins in these last few games.