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Game #159: Morales vs Loaiza

Alright. I've got to stop some of you Rockies fans for skipping ahead a couple of chapters before the rest of us are ready to get there. Some of you are getting a little jittery looking at Arizona beating up on John Van Benschoten this afternoon, or you see the Philadelphia/Atlanta or Milwaukee/San Diego scores, or you think of how incomprehensibly large a number like fourteen is, and I'm seeing these cracks of something I am told is called "doubt" appearing around the surface. May I remind you, we are new to this stuff. We don't know what "doubt" is yet. It's a foreign concept. We understand that some people in distant times or places have experienced it, like slinkies or flannel shirts, but we're still way too new at this whole "hope" thing to even get started with something so abstract as "doubt". Baby steps people. Let it go for now. We'll learn that doubt thing next season, maybe.

Fact is, any good team should beat up John Van Benschoten, just like any good team should beat up on Esteban Loaiza. We've got just as much a gimme tonight as the D-backs had today. You don't believe me? Look what the spin doctors at MLB have to say:

Loaiza been a disappointment so far. He hasn't thrown hard since he arrived and now he's saying he lacks confidence in his surgically repaired right knee, the one that he pushes off on and would help provide drive and velocity. His command improved in Arizona, but it almost had to after a seven-walk disaster in his previous start. Loaiza is also having trouble keeping the ball in the park.

That my friends, is a ringing endorsement. The Dodgers want to be swept. They are begging for it. Let's just take care of our business tonight and then see what comes of it.

Go Rockies!