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Thursday Morning Rockpile: Rain in Pittsburgh means Webb in Denver

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This is an interesting meteorological twist on the race, because D-backs officials are worrying a rain delay will minimize the impact of their ace, they are considering holding Brandon Webb back from his scheduled start this afternoon to go instead against Jeff Francis at Coors on Friday. I can look out my window right now and tell you that things aren't looking promising for a rain free day in the Ohio River watershed. This could go either way for us, the Rockies have dominated Webb like no other team this season, and if he doesn't go against the Bucs, it means Yusmeiro Petit gets the nod. The soft tossing Petit would be much more to the Pirates' liking, and the move has potential to totally backfire on Arizona should they wind up losing both games.

Dave Krieger was off on his prediction of 85 wins and puts some real and a little false modesty into his column today. It's okay, all of us optimists are breathing easier now. That reminds me, this statement:

Only one person I know of made a public prediction that still has a chance to be right. That would be Rockies CEO Charlie Monfort, who picked his club to win the National League West...

might not turn out to be entirely true, but then again, I wouldn't expect him to know of other people who did predict things like that. Mostly crazies, I'm sure.

Milwaukee survived the St. Louis series with their NL Central dreams intact, which means they'll be putting everything on the line against the Padres for the next four days. That, combined with the D-backs' stumble at PNC sets us up for a potential divisional title run this weekend. In a season of firsts for the Rockies, that would be the sweetest first yet, but I'm still kind of holding out hope we even top that in the next month. Peyton Manning is hoping for the same thing.