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Friday Morning Rockpile: Dave Krieger Recommends Purple Row

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It's at the end of this column. That's two mentions in the RMN this season.

Back in March there was a poll asking what the latest possible date the Rockies would still be in playoff contention. Here were the results:

What do you mean? We're going to the playoffs! 34 votes - 27 %
September 30, Stupid Snakes bump us out on the last weekend at Coors. 5 votes - 4 %
September 21-27, In it until the last WC road trip to Petco and Dodger Stadium. 28 votes - 22 %
Early September: Padres and Giants dash our hopes at home. 18 votes - 14 %
August 19, Like last season, Dodger Stadium in August seals our doom. 15 votes - 12 %
July 31, No trade for help at the deadline means management's given up. 15 votes - 12 %
All-Star Break: With our first half? No way we come back. 6 votes - 4 %
April 2, We are out of our league from the get-go. 4 votes - 3 %

So the 39 who voted for the first two options are looking like geniuses right now. I don't remember my vote, but it may have been the September 30 choice. Though, if five of you remember that was your choice, then I'm imagining things. I do wonder, however, if all 34 voters in the first choice really thought the Rockies would make the playoffs back in March or if their choice was more of a joke than anything.

And shame on you four for voting that the Rockies were out of it before the first game was even played.


Tracy Ringolsby came out with his end-of-the-season awards today. One and 10 on his NL MVP ballot will be similar to mine, but the others will be in a different order. For the NL Cy Young, my choice for number three will be someone familiar to us all. NL ROY, nothing wrong there. And for the NL MOY those are the three guys but the order is still up in the air. Remember, the not-so-consequential SBN post-season awards will be revealed in November.