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Game #160: Francis vs Webb

So what began so fitfully in April starts winding to a conclusion with the same two teams on the same field. It's kind of like a samurai movie, where a pair of n00bish acolytes square off at the beginning before taking their long journeys of growth into true warriors, becoming mortal enemies along the way and then meeting one final time for all the glory. And the Padres would be the old master, I guess, kind of wisely waiting on the sidelines and hoping that D-backs and us sort of kill each other off so they can reclaim their crown. Okay. I feel good about this series now, because if this is a samurai movie, then we are the underdog that wins.

We are the team that lost that first clash, we're the team who's true superiority has been overshadowed by the sneaky dealings of the Snakes in front of us, and we're the team that comes home battered, beaten, weary and with hardly a prayer of victory because the odds are still stacked so heavily in their favor. Let's give this fairy tale the ending it deserves, then. Let's take down the Snakes, one game at a time, starting tonight.

Go Rockies!