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Game #137: Cain vs. Francis

The Baseball Prospectus Postseason Odds Report has the Rockies with just under a 12% shot of making the playoffs at this point, with our best odds at sneaking into the Wild Card. They have the NL Wild Card getting an average of 88 wins in their simulations, which means 18-8 over our last  twenty-six games should leave us on at least fairly solid ground. Looking at the schedule, I'm guessing we have to go 12-4 at home, 6-4 on the road to finish this well. It's a stretch, particularly given that our road series are against  Philly, LA, and SD, but it's at least plausible.

Why I bring this up is that we could make things at least a little easier by doing ridiculously well at home over this last month. How about our working class team celebrates Labor Day and starts a huge sweeps week with a big win over Cain and the Giants today?

Go Rockies!