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Monday Morning Rockpile:

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Where the Rockies go from here is anybody's guess, but it's clear with the weekend's news that were we to somehow pull off the feat of clawing over three teams to a playoff spot in the last month, it will likely be by bludgeoning our opposition with our sticks rather than finessing our way to victory. Perhaps that's part of what makes yesterday's 4-3 win over one-run kings Arizona so special in its contrariness to the natural order of things.

So the Rockies have to get creative, but let's hope not creative enough to give soon to be released Brett Tomko a call this week. I only bring him up because he's pitched well against us this year and he seems like the type of past his prime guy the club has a hankering for. Of course, I think Tomko would be a marginally better option than Dessens, but not enough of an upgrade to be significant this late in the season.

One of the teams the Rockies still have to pass if they want to get into the playoff hunt this year is the Phillies, who despite being in a heated race right now are already salivating over the possibility of Garrett Atkins being available this offseason. You can believe that there are several other clubs watching what Atkins and Ian Stewart do this last month with as much interest as we are. While I'm pretty certain at this point that Brian Fuentes will get traded in the offseason, I'm not that sure about Garrett. As for the potential return should we deal both, there's already an established market for a team dealing a solid corner infield bat and a top notch late inning reliever in what Texas got for Teixeira and Gagne this summer. Atkins isn't quite to Teix's level at the plate, but Fuentes doesn't have the injury history and boasts a better recent track record than Gagne so the overall haul could be similar.

The Rox have to face Cain today and Lincecum tomorrow night, which could be rough. Even the Giants' Wednesday starter, Kevin Correia, hasn't looked shabby this season. That said, we need to win this series, and a sweep should get us right back into the thick of things with AZ and SD playing each other. With that in mind, hom much PT Barry Bonds gets takes on added significance. Bochy's promising he plays, I'm hoping Barry's knees say something different.