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Sunday Morning Rockpile: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

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Things to look for today:

  1. Matt possibly winning two-thirds of the NL Triple Crown.
  2. Troy knocking in two more runs to reach the century mark for RBI, establishing a new ML record for most RBI by a rookie SS.
  3. Brad Hawpe hitting his 30th homer of the season.
  4. As Rox Girl already mentioned, Yusmeiro Petit will start for the D'Backs today. The Marlins traded Petit to Arizona for . . . Jorge Julio.
  5. The Rockies' 20th win of the month, a franchise record, and a chance at some extra baseball after today to make the playoffs as the Wild Card winner with some extra help.

So, in the nicest possible way, I'll say this: Screw the Broncos.