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Tuesday Morning Rockpile:

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"They have graduated from September dogs to September underdogs." That's the second to last line from Dave Krieger's latest column. Maybe it's also time they graduated from being called the kid Rocks. Mark Kiszla was right two weeks ago when he wrote that the team shouldn't be called the kid Rocks anymore. Troy Renck's has seen the Rockies go from Todd and the Toddlers to being in a playoff race. If anything, it would be more appropriate to call them the adolescent Rockies. They're almost fully mature, and that should happen in 2008 with a full year of Ubaldo Jimenez and Ian Stewart (in an undetermined capacity) among other advances. But quibbling over nicknames does distract from the team being in actual playoff race, even if they are underdogs.

Aaron Cook's certainly not debating what the team should be called. He's acting as if the Rockies are going to the playoffs and is determined to pitch in a post-season game . That's the attitude Dave Krieger was discussing in his column. Now let's see it happen.

In the same article, Chris Iannetta wants to play in the off-season, so he'll play for Licey in the Dominican Republic.