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Wednesday Morning Rockpile:

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This winning streak is only three games old, but already it's had what are probably two of our most significant wins of the season to date. Of course, all the games are getting more important. Winning again tonight will mean the Rockies gain another game in the Wild Card chase regardless of the outcome of the Padres/D-backs game, and while we still might have a couple of teams between us and the prize, being only three games out of a playoff spot sure sounds nice. While these wins haven't had much effect on our odds of making the playoffs (we've only gone up from 12% to 15% according to BP) they have seemed to have big effects on the psyche of both the players and fans.

Worried about the rotation? Fine, but look at the bright side, while the Rockies have to see Mark Redman pitch for them in Philly, they don't have to see Jake Peavy pitch against them in Denver.  In the end, I think we win that exchange. Notice that the Padres were also interested in Josh Towers, who had been on the Rockies radar a little while ago. It seems even the smart teams are desperate for just mediocre pitching this time of season, so in that vein we could do worse than Mark Redman.

See, this is how retaliatory plunks go bad. Because of some issues with Yorvit and Steve Kline in May, an errant pitch escalated into a meltdown last night. Bochy's right in that umpires should try to use common sense in these situations, but it would make it a lot easier for them to do so if there wasn't a history to weigh on their decision in the first place. Was it the right call to eject Meals? Maybe not, but was it fair? I have to say yes. You reap what you sow.