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Wednesday Pebble Report:

Sorry it's late, but only two teams played yesterday. Since the season's over, it's time to review what happened and who to look out for inn '08 and beyond. Expect stuff in that vein later this week. Probably even a PuRPs poll.

Modesto: The Nuts' weren't one of the teams that played, but this is just a reminder that they start their playoff series at home against Visalia at 7:00 tonight. With the next two games of the best of three series on the road, it's crucial they take advantage of the one game they have on home turf.

Tri-City: The Dust Devils have been trying to secure a playoff spot of their own, needing just win against Boise to make it into the post-season. Last night they failed and will get one more chance tonight to secure the division and head to the NWL championship. Last night the Dust-Devils blew a five to two lead over the Hawks, and a last inning rally was cut short when Phillip Cuadrado grounded into a double play.

Kevin Clark and Brian Rike homered, and Darin Holcomb had three hits including two doubles, but it wasn't enough to overcome a shaky and wild outing by Cory Riordan. Riordan walked three and hit two more batters in his outing, what's particularly terrible is he bunched them all into the fifth inning. He was followed by John Rodriguez, who wasn't much better in the seven to six loss.

Casper: Zack Murry, David Christensen and Bo Bowman all had three hits apiece in the eleven to seven Casper loss. Christensen hit his ninth homerun of the season and also doubled. Hopefully he's finishing what's been another rough season on the upswing. Parker Frazier had another of his disastrous outings in giving up seven runs in three innings. It's been a rough year for some of the Rox' toolsy projects.