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Game #139: Jimenez vs Correia

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How crucial could winning tonight be? With the Braves dramatic come from behind win over the Phillies today, the Rockies would tie Philadelphia for third, three games out in the Wild Card chase. Depending on the outcome of the Dodgers/Cubs tilt, we could be tied for second. It's hard to picture this as a Rockies fan, but a win puts us only five games back of the best record in the NL. In September. Parity rules. The last time the Rox were within three games of a playoff spot in September was in 1995.

Actually, besides a poorly timed run by the 2000 team that brought us to five back with four to play, the Rockies haven't been this close in September in franchise history besides that one banner playoff season. While we still have some way to go before we can talk about Best Rockies Season Ever, 2007 seems close to securing at least second best.

Let's not look ahead, though. Beat the Giants!

Go Rockies!