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Thursday Evening Rockpile:

So a general malaise that probably started with last night's loss gave me a bit of writer's block this morning, and then complications at work led me to not being able to post until now. Unfortunately, I still don't have anything.

Also unfortunate: the Dodgers did have something, coming back in the ninth to take one from the Cubs this afternoon to stretch their lead over us to one and a half games. They go against the Giants in San Francisco next, which you'd figure would be a good thing for us since the Giants should be geared up to play their rivals, but alas, LA has owned SF this year.

Looking at the rest of the weekend schedule, the D-backs play at home against the Cards, who have been winning quite a bit lately. They are two of the luckiest teams in baseball according to run differential, let's hope St. Louis' luck trumps Arizona's.

The Phillies have it relatively easy, hosting Florida, and its cupcakes like this on their schedule that led Tracy Ringolsby to declare them the team most likely to win the NL Wild Card.