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Let's Review

This has nothing to do with the Rockies, but it does deal with the site's Code of Conduct. The enforcement of the CoC has been lax of late, and that needs to change. For the most part, everyone knows how to act accordingly here. Occasionally, however, there are certain comments that do not follow the rules of the site, which can be found here.

Let's go over what's happened over the past few weeks:

  • Wishing ill upon someone, such as a player bleeding internally, is not acceptable and will be deleted. Calling someone a "pu---" (it happened back in August) is also not acceptable. Other attacks that are racist, homophobic, or sexist will also be deleted.
  • About that picture from last night: I should have deleted it once I saw it. It might be humorous in a certain context, but I don't believe I'd be wrong in saying no one here finds suicide to be funny. It was inappropriate for the situation and she understands that. The situation was handled well by all sides, and that's about all there's left to say.
  • Cursing. I'm a bit more lenient on this. Game threads are supposed to be a simulation of being at the ball park. Yes, ball parks have a message at the start of the game that foul language is not acceptable, but how can they enforce it with thousands of fans there? No, this is not an open invitation to start using profanity in game threads. If you're using it in the context of one play, I'll let it go. If you start using it excessively or in a non-game related situation, then there's a problem. There's plenty of time from when you type something to pressing the post button to think whether or not it is appropriate for the site.
  • Yelling Fire in a Crowded Room. You can yell "fire" in a crowded room when there isn't one, but you better be prepared for the consequences. Same goes for the Row; you have every right to write something here, but if it violates the site's rules it will be deleted.
  • For those who aren't offended by such actions and believe something is an over-reaction by the administration here, I'm not sure what to tell you. Rox Girl and I have the final say, with David OhNo and malakian also having the ability to interpret and enforce the rules. Following these rules shouldn't interfere with anyone's creative side.