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Game #141: Maddux vs Francis

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Heading into this series, there were basically four results that could have occurred, barring the random meteor strike or other unpredictable fluke of nature:

  1. The Padres sweep the Rox, and we go from four games back in the wild card to probably six or seven depending on how the Snakes did, thereby ending our post-season dreams for all intents and purposes. Thanks to last night, scenario one isn't going to happen.
  2. The Padres win two of three and open up a five game lead on the Rox, with less than twenty games to play. This basically would force us to hope for  series win in Philadelphia to salvage the sinking ship of our season. It's really not an option, and Francis can help us avoid this with a strong game tonight, thereby assuring that we end this set with at least...
  3. The Rockies take two of three, and move to within three games of the Pods. Exactly where we are at now, within striking distance certainly, but with enough separation that San Diego is still the considerable favorite to finish ahead.
  4. The Rockies sweep and move to within one game of the Padres. With Philadelphia and Los Angeles both winning today, we'll basically create a four team horse race down the stretch for the Wild Card, with three of the teams also bearing in on Arizona for the NL West crown. Add in the NL Central pack fighting it out for their division, and you've got some considerable drama for the stretch drive. Think of the dollars that this would create. Turnstiles would be clicking and people would just be pouring into parks all across the country. I bet you could fund a small country with the money. It's for jobs, people. Jobs.
I think the Rockies owe it to baseball fans and good common sense Americans everywhere to sweep the Padres and create one of the most exciting playoff races in recent memory.

Go Rockies!