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Sunday Pebble Report & Sunday Morning Rockpile

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Tri-City, L 0-2: After a 0-10 loss on Friday night (Shane Lindsay: 1 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 2 WP), the NWL Championship Series stood at one game apiece. Today the Dust Devils are one loss away from watching Salem-Keizer celebrate a championship.

Everything went smoothly for Bruce Billings through the fifth inning last night (3 H, 4 K), but once the sixth started the game changed. With an out in between, he issued a walk to start the inning and then a single before leaving. Craig Rodriguez came in and allowed both inherited runners to score on consecutive singles after a wild pitch and a strike out. Rodriguez finished out the game, allowing one more hit and issuing a walk.

Darin Holcomb had all three Dust Devils hits and did not strike out once. The other batters combined for 11 K's.


September started for the Rockies on Friday, and today it might all come to an end since "[t]oday is the biggest game of the season," according to Troy Renck. And maybe everyone else. Willy T's likely gone for the season; Matsui will hopefully return in a few days; and there's still that gap between the Rockies and wild card leader. Win today and we'll wait for another "biggest game of the season."

The price for Jon Garland at the trade deadline was too rich for the Rockies, but Brian Fuentes could be the starting point for a trade this off-season. Guess it won't have the same psychological impact that Renck wrote about back in July.

Also, Josh Fogg might be too expensive this off-season to be a veteran, fifth pitcher for the Rockies. How can being a veteran be too expensive for any position?