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Sunday Morning Rockpile:

The Rockies, still looking for a lefty out of the bullpen, will watch Brian Anderson pitch at the end of the week:

Anderson, 35, said Saturday he will throw in Cleveland on Friday. The veteran hasn't competed in the major leagues since 2005 because of arm problems.

"It will be (a workout) for all interested teams," Anderson said.

Those arm problems led to two Tommy John surgeries in two years. The article also mentions that should Franklin Morales and Mark Redman fail in their bids to take the fifth spot in the rotation, they'll be considered for a spot in the 'pen. Though, in Morales's case, it's also a question of whether or not he should spend more time in the minors.

So, good luck to Anderson, but we already have Mark Redman.

Yesterday, the A's agreed to trade Mark Kotsay to the Braves for reliever Joey Devine, pending a physical. The reaction of A's fans is positive, even though the Braves are picking up only a portion of Kotsay's contract. Devine isn't someone to ignore, so it balances out. Braves fans are bit more mixed in their reaction to the trade. If Kotsay can stay healthy this season, this might look better than it does right now for the Braves.

The Cards and Blue Jays are set to to swap aging third baseman in Scott Rolen and Troy Glaus. Bluebird Banter asks, "[T]his isn't a terrible move, is it?" Hardly a ringing endorsement. Cardinals reaction is better, calling it "a good trade for the Cards [but] it's not ideal" and it looks like an advantageous move for the cards on every front." At least in the short-term, it appears the Cards are coming out on top here.